Automatically identify singing birds – right on your iPhone.

Song Sleuth is a fun and easy way to learn about the world of birds. Everywhere you go, Song Sleuth can listen to the birds singing around you, and instantly show you the most likely bird species that it heard. Save and share your recordings, and learn about each bird with the built-in David Sibley Bird Reference.

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Song Sleuth. A collaboration of science and art.

Developed by Wildlife Acoustics in collaboration with world-renowned bird expert and illustrator David Sibley, Song Sleuth brings the world of birds to anyone who wants to learn about the natural world.

Wildlife Acoustics technology is the brains of Song Sleuth and a tangible result of their investments in research and development in the field of Bioacoustics – understanding the natural world through sound. From bats to frogs to whales, and of course, birds, their technologies and products are helping thousands of biologists, all over the world, to better understand wildlife populations.

The heart of Song Sleuth is the David Sibley Bird Reference, bringing song Sleuth to life through beautiful illustrations, detailed species information, and colorful, season-specific range maps. A renowned ornithologist, David is also a prolific wildlife Illustrator. In fact, every illustration you see in Song Sleuth is a Sibley original. Sibley is also an accomplished author with nine books to his credit, including the critically acclaimed Sibley Guide to Birds.

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